The Santa Session is open for booking! We are so excited for another exciting year of Santa Sessions! Please read the post all the way through thank you! After covid last year, we all feel we need a little more ‘ christmas ‘ in our lives. We look forward to hopefully a semi-normal holiday season and seeing you all at the new studio.
If you didn’t know, we have a new commercial studio location! We are now located at 31 West 1st St Wind gap Pa 18091.
We have a large parking lot and are located next to Patriot. We do have a second floor location, so please be aware of stairs. Please discourage any little ones from running up the stairs as we are above other businesses. Our Santa sessions this year will require limitations on the amount of individuals in the studio due to covid spread. We ask that everyone restricts the amount of individuals brought into the studio, to be respectful of everyone’s comfort levels. Choosing to wear a mask is at your own discretion, but we ask that everyone tries to stay away from other clients during their appts. We will have masks and hand sanitzer on demand. We ask everyone to arrive 5 minutes prior to their appointment to park and get dressed as needed. Those waiting will have a separate area slightly blocked off from the actual set locations to try and keep clients separated between each appointment.
Please bring a USB or storage device (We suggest making sure at least 1GB is free) with you as you will get your images directly after your session. If you wish to purchase one, it’ll be $20.00.
We have two current dates for Santa – November 28th and December 4th.
To book November 28th, go here:
To book December 4th, go here:
PLEASE double and triple check your dates/times. We will not be allowing constant moving around of slots as it greatly effects the system currently in place. So please try and stick to your designated time. If you must cancel, please do so as soon as you possibly can prior to the date so I can give those on the waiting list, or other clients the opportunity to book. THESE ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Santa is paid an hourly rate to be here, and if you must cancel you WILL NOT GET A REFUND as there is no guarantee I can fill your slot. Santa will need to be paid regardless of empty slots. Please be mindful of this. We love Santa and we really genuinely feel he needs a worthy pay for the amount of love, time and patience he truly gives each child. If you’re worried about your timing due to travel time/finding the new location, etc, please leave early for travel.
If you have any questions, please shoot me an email at:
Our backdrop choices this year: