The Santa Session is now open for booking until sell out.


Santa Sessions are $50 for 10 minutes, paid in advance. Clients will have the choice between these two sets. When purchasing, please list which set you’d like at check out in the notes section. Once booked, we will allow everyone to change their slot once. Constant changing of slots can lead to confusion and we’ve had clients accidentally show up at the wrong time. There are no refunds. Santa is paid for his time with us, so we do not redeem certificates or offer refunds as he’s paid regardless of the amount of clients that book or show up.

Sessions take place at our in home studio located at 254 Lynnwood Rd Wind Gap PA 18091. We have a small parking lot as well as a cul da sac of parking. Please be respectful to my neighbors driveways. They have been incredibly wonderful with the craziness of these sessions every year and thus we wish to make sure everyone respects their yards and driveways. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your allotted time. If you have older children, please park in our cul da sac to leave parking for those with newborns and infants in a car seat in our parking lot.  We trust that everyone will be respectful of this. We have a video to help with directions here, once you enter our neighborhood. PLEASE WATCH THIS DIRECTIONS VIDEO PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. Gps may take you into my neighbors driveway.  I will be available at 484.695.6594 though it will be left with my receptionist to aid anyone that may be calling for directions.

Clients should bring a USB (several in case one is full or faulty; recommended size is 1 GB) to load images immediately after sessions are done. We will have USBS here available for $20.00. Photos are unedited. We will try and get them as close in camera as possible. If extra editing is requested, please contact us afterward and we can do so.  Yes, we give all images, anywhere between 5-30 depending on how sessions go. Reminders will be sent two weeks prior to the dates. In the event of severe weather, we will cancel and refund. However, road conditions must be extremely poor.  If Santa is present, he must still be paid for his time and no refunds will be given. We will always notify everyone if weather looks suspicious. Final calls are always made the date of sessions on my facebook page. Always check my page for updates.

The two dates available this year are November 26th 8am to 5pm and December 2nd, 8am to 5pm, with Santa taking a lunch each day at 1pm to 2pm. There are only 57 slots at this current time remaining. If we sell out, Santa has agreed we can extend days and possibly add a third day. (We got lucky! Santa had a cancellation!) If you see we are sold out – contact us immediately to get on a waiting list. Once we get enough people on or waiting list, we will open a third date or extend times as necessary.

** Updated – we have sold out both dates! We will be opening a third half day on December 3rd from 8 am to 12 pm! Link to sign up is below!

When booking – please indicate which backdrop you’d like. Both backdrops are available for both days, but only one can be used. If you’d like both sets, you’d have to purchase two slots. Photos of the sets are in the image above. Rustic image is considered Rustic Cabin, the simplier set is considered Simple Elegance. Please voice which you’d like via the notes section at check out. Purchases are done through Square store, and requires a credit or debit card. If you have issues in purchasing – PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY (either email at or through facebook messenger and or my facebook page)  so I can privately invoice you.

Santa has video that can help children get acquainted with santa. View that here.

Santa also has a list for children to fill out to bring to him, as well as a coloring sheet that will be provided in the waiting room in between appointments.

Get the list here and the coloring sheet here.


Any further questions can be sent to me directly.